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Dylasoc is an IT specialised company.  We offer  to our customers pesonalised solutions and support. Please tell us your specifics  needs and we´ll look for best solutions.

We can help you in the next fields:

1. Simple access into electronic information (e-databases , e-journals, web based  resources, etc)
2. Usage Reports of resources
3. e-books management
4. O.S. and aplications provisioning 
5. Reduce I.T energy
6. Protects workstation configurations saving IT support

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Accedys: eLibrary. Electronic resources easy access

Accedys to get a simple access into e-information: from anywhere, from any device, access into any format (on-line, CD Rom...) information.  ACCEDYS supply limited access to authorized users, licences control, menu management, integration with users validation system (LDAP, Radius...), resources usage reports.

Simple access into CD-Rom, DVD, propietary programs, or special configurations (plugins, steps to access into informations, paswords...).

Access into on-line reources (On-line databases, e-journals, web based free resources) with a single sign on and e-resources reports of use. 

Access control  and usage  reports for web based free resources. Select the e-resourcesn and get reports of use.

Web Portal  for libraries and Information Centers to let an easier use of services  inside your institution or through Internet: news, procedure of use, access into catalogue, support users accessing into Pcs, etc.


- Easy web pubication managed  for librarians 

- Unified reports of use of the e-resources/ On-line suscriptions.

- On-line user comunicationl (chat) giving inmediate help to users.

- Access into user´s desktop on demand in order to guide them in the use of tools/applications, search for resources/books, etc 

- Server  facebook to create a virtual community .

- Accedix 3 incude Accediy 1  and Accedys 2 functionalities 



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